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Features of Meerkat Enterprise

  • Enhanced notifications via phone calls, SMS and callback URLs
  • Define and track bad actor addresses
  • Integrate with your own app via our webhooks
  • Granular transaction confirmations (Detected, mined, confirmed)
  • Monitor Tx ID's
  • Watch unlimited addresses and extended public keys
  • Watch entire HD sets

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Meerkat is a blockchain wallet monitoring service that notifies users via email anytime funds are sent to or from the wallet address being monitored.Notifications are sent as soon as a tx containing the monitored wallet posts to the blockchain.
Meerkat is a completely free service to all users during our beta period.
Meerkat Enterprise offers a suite of additional monitoring and notification services.
Monitor Paper/Offline/Cold Storage WalletsMeerkat enables users whose private keys are stored offline to be notified any time funds move to or from their address. Meerkat is a solution for those who wish to keep an extra eye on their wallets.Notify/Receipt of TransactionsMeerkat enables users to be notified of expected, or unexpected transactions. Each transaction to or from the monitored address sends a unique receipt to the subscription email address.
Bitcoin, Ethereum (including ERC-20), Litecoin, Dogecoin